Compare & Save money. Its simple!

You can present to your website visitor the special price, or loyalty rates you desire for that period to get the direct booking. Boost your conversion rate and get more…

Price comparison Tool


RateParity widget comes with a price comparison tool as well as a set of tools designed to increase the conversion on direct bookings.


When activated on a website, it gives guests a clear, immediate way to see your property’s first available date, while it compares the best available direct price with the corresponding price of 3 OTAs – in real time. The member’s special price is also available to give added value to direct bookings.



Automatically post messages based on your site activity.
We offer a number of notifications such as “number of users looking this property right now” , “number of users searched lately” , “the date last booking was made”, “number of bookings received lately”

Special Offers


Provide an instant offer for your guests and trigger them to make their booking through your website.

Exit Popup


Tracks a website visitor’s mouse and when a user is about to leave.
Enabling you to display a modal window.


Recognizing the power reviews have on a traveller’s booking decision, we’ve decided to include them to our tool and help you make the most out of it!


When 83% of TripAdvisor users stated that they will ‘usually’ or ‘always’ reference reviews before deciding to book a hotel, you know that reviews are becoming crucial to your business!



Once visitors are on your website, you can give them compelling reasons to book directly with you. Let them know that they will get more if they book with you directly.


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