What is Rate Parity

Travelers want to get the best price when booking your hotel. You have the best price. We help you show travelers how they can save time and confidently book on your site.

Increase your Direct Bookings

Discover the features that the management platform has to offer and convert your website visitors to direct bookings.
Learn how your clients behave and adjust the optimisation and conversion tools we provide to the needs of your lodging.

Start directing your website visitors to online direct booking now!

Compare Prices

With the Price Comparison tool you can display on your website the best available price on the web in real time.


Guests love the simplicity. Bookings, updates, appointment reminders & collection alerts

Special Offers

Provide an instant offer for your guests and trigger them to make their booking through your website.

Exit Popup

Tracks a website visitor’s mouse and when a user is about to leave. Enabling you to display a modal window.


Once visitors are on your website, you can give them compelling reasons to book directly with you.


Recognizing the power reviews have on a traveller’s booking decision, we’ve decided to include them to our tool and help you make the most out of it!

begins online

Optimize your website to increase direct bookings with data insights, targeted messaging, automated live chat and personalization tailored for hotels. RateParity helps you recapture guest relationships and bring your unique service online.

Its time to be more Direct!  We can help you get more bookings.


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