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Display RateParity Guests’ Review Widget with review scores on your site to inspire user trust, to gain more direct bookings, and to increase conversions

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Use the RateParity Review Management tool to display review scores and summaries directly into your hotel’s website. Reviews give potential guests a clear overview of your property’s best features, influencing buyers’ decisions by inspiring guests to make a reservation, therefore increasing your hotel’s direct online bookings.

RateParity Review Management tool

RateParity Review Score Feature

RateParity Review Score Feature

The RateParity hotel’s Reviews Score feature offers a fair overview of a property’s positive versus negative review ratings based on the tone of voice. The widget aggregates verified reviews from OTAs and other sources from all over the Web, and delivers a score summary. The higher the score, the higher the number of positive reviews. Review scores (ratings) give site visitors a clear sense of your hotel’s quality and value, inspiring trust, which in turn leads to more direct online sales.