Take control of your hotel’s offline bookings like never before

Quotelier’s feature-packed hotel booking software makes managing requests a breeze, so you can focus on boosting your profits and providing top-notch service.

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Website Widget

Effortlessly personalize your hotel’s brand with RateParity’s Super Widget. RateParity’s user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to customize the Super Widget’s content to reflect your brand’s philosophy. Tailor your widget to your target markets with translations.
Transform your website’s landing page into a conversion machine with a Super Widget that seamlessly integrates all the elements that enhance conversion optimization. This user-friendly design consolidates a price comparison tool, hotel reviews, special promotions, vouchers, and gift cards – all in one convenient location.

Online Proposals

Bid farewell to the monotonous job of copying and pasting proposals, thanks to our easy-to-use hotel management software. Say hello to stunning proposals that sell your hotel’s accommodations, created in just minutes. The software offers a comprehensive range of customization options that enables you to create proposals that are not only visually appealing but also informative. Furthermore, track your guests’ interaction with your call-to-action and get to know who is interested in your offers.

Promote Special Offers

RateParity’s Rich Templates

Email Automation

Streamline your communication with customers using the robust tool of email automation. Predefined rules activate customized messages based on specific actions customers take, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks. From proposal submissions and payment options to confirmations and follow-up emails for customer inquiries, email automation handles everything for you. With personalized content that speaks to your customers, email automation builds strong, lasting relationships, leading to business growth. Let us take on those repetitive tasks, while you concentrate on the big picture.

Analytics & Reporting

Transform your hotel’s marketing game with Quotelier. Our platform puts the power of advanced analytics and reporting at your fingertips, helping you to track your progress, demonstrate your value, and uncover new opportunities for boosting your revenue. Keep tabs on all guest requests and stay ahead of the curve by gaining real-time insight into demand for your hotel.
Our comprehensive marketing reports provide an invaluable benchmark for measuring success, pinpointing areas for improvement, and highlighting the channels that are driving results. And with seamless integration with Google Analytics, you can connect your web analytics with your sales data, gain a deeper understanding of your department’s efficiency, and optimize your conversion funnel for maximum impact.

Grow Your User Database

Quotelier - Get a Quote as a WebApp

Integrate Quotelier – Get a Quote as a WebApp

RateParity integrates Quotelier’s comprehensive hotel booking software onto your website, presenting the module as a web page. With it, you can streamline request management, effortlessly generate online proposals and automate email communications.

Having our Get a Quote module as a dedicated web page facilitates a smoother user experience. Potential guests can interact and navigate through the booking process without distractions, improving user engagement and increasing the likelihood of successful conversions. Full web app pages are optimized for SEO, improving the hotel’s online visibility. Search engines can index this content more effectively, which can boost the website’s rankings and attract more organic traffic. This increase in exposure can lead to higher conversions and more bookings.