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With the powerful Price Comparison Tool with super fast Integrated Booking Engine, you can increase your hotel’s official website Direct Bookings.

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Increase Direct Bookings

With the RateParity Price Comparison tool with Integrated Booking Engine, your hotel’s website visitors can verify the rates offered by OTAs without leaving your pages. This is how you reassure them of your best rate guarantee and inspire them to book directly from your hotel instead of counting on other offers that will affect your direct revenue. To motivate them to book, thus increasing conversions, you can offer them additional perks, such as free welcome gifts and room upgrades.

Increase Direct Bookings

RateParity’s rich templates

Rich Templates To Choose

Choose from RateParity’s rich templates to display your Price Comparison tool in the best light. Use the colors that harmonize the price checker widget with your website design, and change the layout until you find the best option that stimulates your site visitors to click to compare hotel prices and book directly.

Quick & Easy Setup

Just implement the RateParity code into your website’s back-end structure to enjoy the full benefits of our platform and its innovative tools. You will begin reaping RateParity’s value proposition benefits in a matter of hours.

Quick & Easy Setup

RateParity Dashboard


Your RateParity dashboard displays everything you need to monitor your conversions, including OTAs disparity alerts that may affect your bottom line. The dashboard displays critical metrics and statistics that help hotel management staff measure each tool’s performance and take proactive measures to improve their marketing strategy to satisfy and gain guests.

Disparity Real-Time Notifications

RateParity offers an innovative tool that compares your hotel’s pricing strategy against the OTAs’ undercutting practices to help you present your potential guest the best rate without underselling yourself. You’ll get real-time pricing disparity alerts through email for every change that might affect your hotel’s bottom line.

When OTAs lower booking rates on their sites, hotels lose money because of a lack of control over rate disparity.

RateParity offers intuitive tools that alert hotels about pricing disparity occurrences on major OTA websites in real-time, giving back to hoteliers control over their booking rates. Hotels can adjust prices to offer potential guests the best rate guarantee directly on their websites.
RateParity offers a comprehensive dashboard that gives hoteliers a complete overview of OTA pricing changes, through its extensive statistics.

Get in charge, Control your pricing!

Real Time Notifications

No setup is required

Use that powerful tool with no effort whatsoever! Rate Parity Alerts are automatically activated as soon as the Price Comparison Tool is integrated into your website.