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Smart Notes are personalized in-web or mobile-ready RateParity marketing tools hoteliers use to inspire site or app users to book directly. You can use the Smart Notes as part of the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) marketing strategy. Create with RateParity Smart Notes messages which make the users feel that they might lose out on the offer as time is running out. Using strong verbs can help your messages create FOMO.

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RateParity’s smart notes have excellent performance scores on mobile devices. Users enjoy a straightforward experience where all the tech elements are mobile-friendly.

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Easily Create and Publish Smart Notes

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We no longer live in a one-size-fits-all type of world. Use RateParity’s Smart Notes to reassure your guests that yours is the best choice. Have your mobile-ready Smart Notes display urgency notifications, specials, and everything in between. It’s child’s play to create and integrate Smart Notes into your site’s template. Please choose the message you want to display, and activate it to see immediate results.