Special Offers

Use RateParity’s Special Offers messaging feature to entice guests to book their next getaway at your hotel. Personalize and target, according to meta-data.

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Increase Conversions

Hoteliers using RateParity’s Special Offers feature observe a significant elevation in conversions and brand awareness. Special Offers boost profits due to a sense of urgency (fear of missing out) that persuades guests to take immediate action.

Special Offers Feature

Targeted Offers

Targeted Offers

Targeted offers convert better than generic ones. They are customized according to metadata to respond to user intent, location, browsing history, and other signals that help hoteliers refine their marketing strategies.


RateParity’s dashboard enables hoteliers to display Special Offers in a customized layout – with their preferred colors. Just log in to the platform’s intuitive dashboard and customize your message to suit your marketing needs.

Special Offers Customization