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Secure your hotel’s cash flow every time of the year by enabling your guests to “Buy Now – Stay Later,” using RateParity’s Vouchers and Gift Cards.

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Increase Your Hotel’s Cash Flow

RateParity introduces Vouchers and Gift Cards to allow hotels to secure an influx of additional cash flow despite the COVID-19 crisis that affects the travel and hospitality industry globally.

Hoteliers can use these tools to offer discounted room rates or extra services, like spa treatments, dining, and more.

Hotels can be differentiated by providing Coupons and Gift Cards as a great marketing tool. If used as such, they will help you reach out to the costumers you wouldn’t otherwise have, as they represent a kind of incentive for additional purchases.

In addition, Gift Cards are the personal proposals of satisfied clients, making it a more accurate approach to promoting your services to others, building the reputation and integrity of your hotel.

Increase Your Hotel’s Cash Flow

Buy Now – Stay Later Feature

Buy Now – Stay Later

The “Buy Now – Stay Later” model allows guests to buy Vouchers or Gift Cards at a lower rate when they can afford it and plan the trip when they want or when it’s safe to travel again. This is a win-win solution for both hotels and guests.

Through RateParity’s secure encrypted interface, customers can easily purchase as many Coupons and Gift Cards online as they want within a click.

During the purchasing process, users can add the recipient’s email address for each Voucher and Gift Card they purchase, which brings more flexibility and functionality to the tool. Upon completion of the transaction, an email will be sent automatically to each recipient along with a unique redeem code.


RateParity’s comprehensive database of layouts, colors, and fonts allows hoteliers to customize and the Vouchers and Gift Cards according to their websites’ design, all while staying in line with their unique marketing concepts.
Consumers can choose to add a name or even a message. This allows them to deliver a highly personalized gift that is tailored to the preferences of their friend or family member.

Track Revenue
An intuitive dashboard is available to showcase all the data that will help hotel marketing managers track Vouchers and Gift Card performance, sales, and revenue.

Comprehensive database of layouts, colors, and fonts