Cart Abandonment

RateParity’s Cart Abandonment feature helps hoteliers identify guests who have dropped out of the booking process and bring them back.
Rate Parity Tools that re-engage distracted visitors.

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Exit Pop-Ups

RateParity’s Cart Abandonment feature automates Exit Pop-Ups to persuade guests to opt-in for a discount or to save a reservation and finish a booking at a later point. Exit Pop-Ups appear on-screen on any device when the users are about to leave the hotel’s website without finishing their booking.

Exit Pop-Ups

Email Notifications


After the user leaves the website, to optimize recovery efficiency, RateParity will send personalized emails containing user’s last search data, such as room type, search dates, number of guests and room price, as well as direct booking benefits.

Easy Setup

Activate the Cart Abandonment feature through the RateParity dashboard in a matter of minutes without needing technical skills.

Exit Pop-Ups