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CRO solutions by hoteliers for hoteliers. More direct bookings, better pricing, happier guests.

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We are

a group of professionals who have been involved in implementing innovative hotel technologies for years.We created RateParity as an intuitive direct booking conversion rate optimization platform that puts hoteliers back in charge of their distribution channels.RateParity features a suite of smart marketing tools that entice guests to book on the hotel’s website rather than visiting a third-party or an OTAs website.

Our goal

is to create a win-win ecosystem that benefits hoteliers and guests equally.Using RateParity CRO platform, hoteliers offer a better user experience, which promotes trust, inspiring guests to book with confidence, knowing that they have access to the best available rates and all the perks of direct bookings.In return, hoteliers control distribution, pricing, and special promotions, enjoying higher direct revenues.

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