Project Description

Hoteliers seeking a groundbreaking solution to maximize their hotel’s earnings are in luck: RateParity and Quotelier – the innovative application that simplifies managing direct requests, whether by phone, email, web forms or live chat – have merged their expertise to empower hoteliers like never before.

Quotelier’s expertise in delivering targeted offers and RateParity’s advanced technology which optimizes your reservation process brings five outstanding benefits:

1) Streamlined reservation process: RateParity’s Super Widget has now become even more powerful, providing you with an enhanced and streamlined reservation process. In addition to our existing features such as price comparison tool, hotel reviews, special promotions, vouchers, and gift cards, we have introduced a revolutionary addition: the “Get a Quote” button. This innovative feature empowers your guests to initiate the booking process instantly, taking convenience to a whole new level. With the incorporation of the “Get a Quote” button, your guests can simply click on it to begin their reservation journey.

2) Vastly simplified reservation process: To achieve a simplified reservation process, RateParity have introduced a quote request form that streamlines the communication between your guests and reservation agents. When a guest fills out this form with specific dates and details, your reservation agent is equipped with all the necessary information to provide a tailored and efficient response. Once the quote request form is submitted, your reservation agent receives instant notifications. They can then utilize our pre-designed email templates to send personalized responses, saving time and effort.

3. Email automation: Communication with customers is a vital aspect of running a successful hotel business, but it can often be time-consuming and demanding. To alleviate this burden, Quotelier offers a robust email automation system that simplifies and streamlines your interactions with customers. It allows you to create customized messages triggered by specific customer actions. By defining rules based on these actions, such as proposal submissions, payment options, confirmations, or follow-up emails for customer inquiries, you can ensure that your guests receive timely and relevant information without manual intervention. This automation empowers you to focus on other crucial tasks, confident that your guests are receiving the necessary communication at every step of their reservation journey.

4. Price flexibility: As a hotelier, having the flexibility to offer competitive prices is essential to attract guests and maximize your revenue. With Quotelier, you gain the advantage of communicating privately with your guests, enabling you to provide prices that can be lower than those offered by Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).
By establishing a direct line of communication, you can leverage this opportunity to negotiate and customize pricing options for your guests. This flexibility allows you to create personalized offers and promotions, tailor-made to suit the needs and budgets of individual guests.

5. Integration with AI Chatbot and Display Options: The seamless integration of the “Get a Quote” with the AI chatbot, provides a comprehensive and intuitive booking solution. The AI chatbot serves as a virtual assistant, guiding guests through the reservation process, addressing inquiries, and providing real-time support.

In conclusion, these integrated features provide a unified and user-friendly booking experience, combining the convenience of AI-powered assistance with versatile display options that cater to different user preferences. This comprehensive approach positions your hotel as a modern and customer-centric establishment, elevating the overall guest satisfaction and ultimately contributing to your business growth.