Project Description

RateParity has once again redefined the booking experience with a remarkable enhancement to its cutting-edge Super Widget. Partnering with Quotelier, a frontrunner in reservation management solutions, RateParity introduces the ‘Get a Quote’ button to its Super Widget, ensuring the reservation process reaches a new level of convenience and customization.

This dynamic ‘Get a Quote’ feature seamlessly integrates into the Super Widget’s array of offerings, including the price comparison tool, hotel reviews, special promotions, and vouchers. With a single click, potential guests can now effortlessly launch the booking journey, with a whole host of options tailored to their preferences. Upon clicking the button, a quote request form pops up, allowing users to input details like travel dates and the number of individuals in their group.

Hoteliers will appreciate the fact that RateParity has provided a high level of flexibility to its updated widget: the ability to use the ‘Get a Quote’ button as either a primary or secondary option provides hoteliers with unparalleled flexibility in widget design, adapting the tool to best suit their preferences and goals. They can now also easily change the language of the Get a Quote form.

The Get a Quote button is also activated on the chat bot: the bot, through its accurate questions, retrieves all the necessary info step by step and then terminates with “we have received your request, you will shortly receive an email with an offer.”

Clicking on a smart note or a popup designed by the hotelier, will also open up the Get a Quote form. The hotelier can create visually appealing popups and choose how frequently he wants the popups to show up. Via the backend, the hotelier can edit the Get a Quote form’s text and can designate which fields will be marked as required. On the backend he can also see all the requests as well as their statuses.

Within the realm of reservation management, staying updated on the status of offers is paramount. Seamless communication is ensured by keeping the reservation department informed about offer progress. Reservation agents, equipped with the Quotelier platform, are privy to key insights – they can track precisely when potential guests open an offer, marked as “Open.” Should the guest choose to accept the offer, the status promptly switches to “Accepted,” offering a clear and streamlined view of offer engagement.

The collaboration between RateParity and Quotelier marks a significant shift in optimizing efficiency and eliminating repetitive tasks. Time-consuming cycles of email exchanges and proposal drafting are a thing of the past. Reservation agents can now effortlessly craft compelling proposals that instantly capture the attention of recipients. They can showcase the hotel’s distinctive features, present alluring accommodation options, or detail competitive rates.

Powerful call-to-action elements are embedded within the proposals. These elements motivate guests to take immediate action, enhancing the likelihood of conversions. Notifications are triggered when proposals are read, enabling agents to follow up promptly on specific requests. And perhaps the most rewarding aspect? Agents are alerted when an offer is approved, signaling the green light to proceed with payment and finalize the deal.

In conclusion, RateParity’s innovative spirit continues to revolutionize the hospitality landscape, exemplified by the latest enhancement to its cutting-edge Super Widget in collaboration with Quotelier. The introduction of the ‘Get a Quote’ button represents a pivotal step forward in refining the reservation process, bringing unmatched convenience and customization to potential guests.